Angier and Collaborators

D. Chase Angier – Director/Choreographer, Professor, Performer

As Artistic Director of Angier Performance Works, D. Chase Angier creates and performs dance-theater, performance installations, site-specific works and walking performances pieces. These intuitively driven works are created in collaboration with dynamic artists in the visual arts, performance, music and theater, and have been performed internationally (Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom) and nationally in theaters, galleries, and visually inspiring sites. Angier currently resides and works in Brooklyn, NY and Alfred New York.  Prior to 2002 when she joined the faculty at Alfred University, Angier created dance-theater works, performed, and taught in New York City with her company Chase Dance Theater founded in 1995. Angier is a Professor and Director of the Dance Program at Alfred University in New York. She received her MFA in choreography from The Ohio State University and her BA in dance from UCLA.  For more information:

Performers/Collaborators: Gabrielle Aufiero, Krissy Barcena, Whitney Boomer, Crysta Caulkins, Elyse Cox, Amanda McCorkle, Danielle Monks, Lourdes Pelaez, Imara Quinonez, Stephanie Reed, Julie Rowley, Elva Salinas, Lauren Schieffer, Melissa Watt, Megan Yankee

Producers:  Thank you Jordan Fuchs and members of the Triangle Arts Committee.  Thank you for your organization and for this opportunity.

Special thanks to Elva Salinas, Vance Wingate, Kenda Goldsberry, Dayna Morgan and Jerry Dawson for their amazing assistance with the installation.


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