Under the Benign Sky



Angier and Collaborators

This site specific performance installation was created by D. Chase Angier for the Triangle Arts Event at Texas Women’s University in 2011.  The piece was performed by 15 TWU dancers.

Description of the work: The audience is on the balcony and the fifteen dancers are below.  There are 250 strings hanging from above the audience that has 4,900 pieces of shiny mylar tied in clusters. The audience looks through the forest of mylar ties to see the dancers below. The piece begins with dancers creating circular rhythmic floor patterns to fado music.  The design of the dance is enhanced by the top view of the audience. Following this flowing section is a  humorous theatrical piece with the performers interacting directly with the audience above.  In the third section the dancers perform to New Orlean’s music that tells a sad story of love, and the final dance ends the piece with a cheeky high energy latin flavored dance that expresses the passion and fierceness of love.  All of the works are based around romance, balconies, and take place under the benign sky.